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A Court Victory Heals All Wounds: Trump Calls McConnell ‘the Greatest Leader in History’

The exchange underscored how an often contentious dynamic has been smoothed by Republicans’ success in seating Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and a host of other conservative judges.

It’s Not All About Trump

Geographic quirks, not presidential ones, could determine many midterm contests.

Taylor Swift, the Grown-Up in the Room

Tennessee progressives were unhappy with their options in a close Senate race. A 28-year-old pop star explained the stakes.

Midterm Election Poll: New Jersey’s 11th District, Webber vs. Sherrill

A Democrat has not held this seat since the mid-1980s, but the retirement of a long-serving Republican, Rodney Frelinghuysen, created an opening for a Democrat in this political environment. The district is home to many of the kind of educated, affluent suburban voters who are wary of the president, and the change in tax law is likely to be particularly unpopular here.

Midterm Election Poll: Texas’ 23rd District, Hurd vs. Ortiz Jones

This majority Hispanic border district stretches along the Rio Grande to the suburbs of San Antonio. Historically, it has some of the lowest turnout in the country.

Midterm Election Poll: Colorado’s 6th District, Coffman vs. Crow

This is a suburban district that has become more diverse and that voted for Hillary Clinton by almost 10 points.

As Suburban Women Turn to Democrats, Many Suburban Men Stand With Trump

Suburban men, focused largely on economic issues, constitute a potential bulwark for President Trump in many of the suburban districts that will determine control of the House.